Interesting Info

I've been working on the net for quite some time.  In the process, I have collected many items, which were interesting.  So, for the lack of a better place to put these items, I'll post interesting tidbits here.

$1 Trillion Dollars

When I was growing up, I had a paper route.  A $100.00 was un heard of.  My father actually showed me a $1000.00 twice, when he was buying a new car for the family (he had gotten a loan from the bank in order to pay for the car). 

The thousand dollar bill was removed from circulation to make it more difficult for drug runners and others to move money.

Our new President has taken the concept of money, and thrown it out the window.  Hopefully it will land safely, and begin to motivate (positively) the economy.

In a recent email was this PDF describing the concept of $1 Trillion Dollars.

In God we still trust

Subject: Diamond Rio Song yet to be Released

So good!  A must listen to and watch!!!

They may keep it off the air waves, but we can send it all around by the internet.   
Good message in the song but not played by the media. They say it is politically incorrect! (see below) Wonderful photography! 
The song you are about to listen to is from a Las Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate resounding standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it! 
Everyone who loves America should be thrilled to hear this song!  Although,  Diamond Rio has never before done a   statement song, they felt compelled to record 'In God We Still Trust.'    
But guess what?  Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it, because it was considered 'politically incorrect'. Consequently, the song was never released to the public..    So America , see what you think.   If this offering speaks to your heart and you feel lead to share it with friends and loved ones, please  do!