Gluten Free Diet

I recently received an Email from Author Tim Ferris (The four hour work week). I have received many new and interesting ideas, and this one certainly gave me pause to think about the serious nature of the message.

The Email was entitled,

How to Keep Feces Out of Your Bloodstream (or Lose 10 Pounds in 14 Days)

Wow, if ever there was a way to get someone's attention, this certainly did it for me!  Tim's Blog on the information is available here (click me).

Gluten Free Diet

Author:  Frank W. Jackson, M.D.

Gluten is the protein part of wheat, rye, barley, and other related grains. Some people cannot tolerate gluten when it comes in contact with the small intestine. This condition is known as celiac disease (sometimes called non-tropical sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy).

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