Albert E. Whale, CHS CISA CISSP


I am the Father of six children.  Five boys and one girl.  With the exception of my first two sons, that do not live with their father, we all reside in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  Because I do not get to see my first two sons growing up (and yes I have Custody Orders, but their mother always interferred), I started the Father's Rights Network, to promote the need for children to have two parents.

ABS Computer Technology, Inc. is my current employer.  ABS is a Computer Consulting company.  We specialize in Secure Email solutions (eliminating Spam), as well as Internet Security (eliminating hackers) from Internet services, and corporate networks.

I have worked in the Unix / Linux Consulting field since 1985.  If you are interested in my Resume`you can find it here.

This Web site is developed using the WebGUI, CMS (Content Management System), and the template for this site is called UnderGround. 

ABS provides Secure Hosting services which counter the effects of hackers, before they can break into system.  I am the original developer of SpamZapper® a spam filtering service which eliminates Spam, Viruses and other malware.

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  • ABS Computer Technology, Inc. is the Company I work for. We provide Complete Consulting Services for Unix (HP, IBM, Sequent, Sun & Linux), Enterprise, Security & Network Management solutions (we are masters of HP OpenView products), and Database Solutions.

    We have significant experience in DNS, Sendmail, Mail Filters, Anti-Spamming, Anti-Viruses, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), Disaster Planning and Recovery, Encryption, VPNs, Secure WANs, as well as Security for the entire Enterprise. We are available for short or long term projects on a Corp to Corp basis. With over 18 years of expertise, we get the job done right, the first time!

    ABS Computer Technology, Inc - Developers of - True SPAM Filtering for Business, ISPs and Internet Users - "Take control of your E-Mail again.". We provide In-House and Off-Site Solutions to fit your needs.

    SpamZapper Email Security for Business, ISPs and Internet Users.

    We are the Founding Sponsor Company of The Pittsburgh FBI - InfraGard.
    We are also a Member of The Pittsburgh Technology Council.

  • PAPI Email List - Pennsylvania Parenthood Initiative
    The PAPI or Pennsylvania Parenthood Initiative is a Internet E-Mail List dedicated to the education, and encouragement for Joint Custody and pursuing the creation of more Equal Custody arrangement for the parties involved in Divorce in PA.
    The PAPI Mailing List is a Closed List (with sign up instructions on the Web Page above), with Information on an Adult Level.

  • Father's Rights Network - February 1, 2000
    Recognized by Encyclopedia Britannica ( as one of the Best of the Internet

  • Custody Resources - Plus MANY Parenting, Custody & Divorce References.
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